how to create a website

How to Create A Website

- the fast and easy guide to assist newbies to create a website in an hour

Introduction: Wanna creating your own website but just don’t know how? You have found the perfect guide on how to create a website from the very beginning (without any prior website knowledge required). Follow the 4 steps described below and you will be able to create a website within an hour. You will also get your own email address based on your new website name too. We will keep the guide simple yet comprehensive and we promise to keep this guide jargon free too. In a hurry to create your own website? Skip the background info and read the quick start guide to create your own website in 5 minutes now.


skills for creating a websiteIf you know how to email, you’ve all the skills required to create your own website.

skills for creating a websiteIf you know how to raise a dog (or a cat, a pet, a baby, whatsoever), you’ve all the knowledge to build a new website!

professional website building tipsThere are a lot of similarities between raising a dog and creating a website as you can see from the illustration below. Don’t worry if you have never raised a dog or the like, you just need to know that you will need to give the dog a name and a house to live in. That’s all.
the similarities between raising a dog and creating a website - they both need a name (dog name vs domain) and a place to be (the dog house vs web host)
 the similarities between raising a dog and creating a website

 What’s Needed to Create a Website? 

professional website building tipsMany websites on the internet are built with the 4 steps described below, including the website you are now visiting ( as well as many other examples (personal websites and professional websites). Don’t worry if you are not a visual designer, there are many free and paid (this is the one used on resources to help you to make your website professional. We will cover these in step 4.
computer with internet connection

Internet Connection

A computer connected to the internet which you can visit websites. Since you are viewing, you already have this.
your brain and ideas

Your Brain and Ideas

Your brain and ideas are crucial to your website – these make your website special and attractive. Congratulations! You are intelligent as you can find this guide.
time - an hour

Time: Only One Hour

Creating a website is fast and easy with the help of this guide. And this hour would be the most fruitful hour you would ever spend on the internet.
cost of creating a website

Money: US$6.95/month

Building a website is cheap nowadays. For US$6.95$4.95 (limited special discount for WP Learner), you will get a dedicated website working for you round the clock. The return on investment is pretty high, right?

professional website building tipsPerhaps you have seen some advertisements offering you to create your own website for free. Beware! There is no free lunch. The service providers need to pay their own staff, internet connection and electricity bills. It is more prudent to opt for a paid quality website company.

 Quick Start Guide to Create A Website 

Follow the steps below to create your own website real quick!

step 1 to create a website: register for a domain name

give the website a domain nameChoose a Dog Name… Domain

Every dog needs a name, the same goes to websites. The very first step in creating a website is to choose a good name (called domain) for your website. Names of websites are usually in the form of or Domain names are registered on a first-come-first-served basis. You need to act fast. Go to step 2 to learn how to register your website name.

 5 minutes |  from US$0
step 2 to create a website: get a web hosting

give the website a hostRent a House… Web Host

The next step is to get a place for your website to live in (which is called a web host or hosting). You can sign up a website hosting plan together with a domain name for one low cost of US$7.99$3.95 (limited special discount for WP Learner) per month here. Remember to uncheck any additional services (which are not essential but nice to have) during sign up to enjoy the low cost.

 5 minutes |  US$3.95 per month
step 3 to create a website - install website software WordPress

install website software on the hostGet the Dog Furniture… Website Software and Your Own Email

You do not need to know the website programming (HTML, CSS, PHP) to build a website. Simply install the website software – WordPress and it’s done. WordPress is the website software for about 1/5 of all websites in the world. Best of all, it’s FREE. You can install in with the one-click WordPress installation service once you logged in the web host. You can also create unlimited number of email accounts there free of charge.

 5 minutes |  US$0
step 4 to create a website - add contents and beautify the website

beautify your website and add contentsDress Up the Dog… Website Design and Contents

Congratulations! Now you have a website accessible from anywhere in the world. You are a proud website owner! The next step is give it a beautiful website design (with the help of “themes”) and to add your contents, e.g. something about you or your company, your products and services, contact methods, etc. You can have a blog there too. It is easy to learn how to do these.

 45 minutes |  from US$0

Want more details? Go To Step 1 of Create Your Own Website Guide:

go to step 1 of creating a website: choose a domain
click above to go to the first step of creating a website: choose a domain name

photo of edward chungHow to Create A Website: Fast and Easy Guide is created by Edward Chung, PMP, a graphic designer turned full-stack web developer and project manager. Edward learnt how to create a website the hard way, spending hundreds of hours in learning programming languages before rolling out his first design portfolio website. Edward understands the pains and thus wrote this Fast and Easy Guide to help fellow wannabe website owners to create a website in an hour’s time. If you find the “How to Create A Website” guide helpful, please consider adding Edward to your Google+ circle  and following me on Twitter@edwardchungweb. Disclosure: Some links on this website are affiliate links meaning that you will support the running of this website at NO EXTRA COST to you if you make the purchase through the links. I made these recommendations based on my positive experience with those services.
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