WordPress Plugin to Hide Ugly Affiliate Links? Can I Use URL with My Domain to Redirect?

Affiliate links are usually very long as it needs to contain the tracking data (e.g. your login id, your campaign name, etc.). The links also bear the domain name of the product website. These combined would not only make the URLs ugly but also unprofessional.

Is there anyway to turn it into a very short URL in my own domain name?

Professional websites would make their own aliases for affiliate links. This will not only make the affiliate links prettier but also more convenient to use. For example, if a product cease to offer, the web master can quickly switch all the links to another one with the need to edit each post that mentions the product. This would be a task!

The WordPress plugin Pretty Link helps you to. Pretty Link plugin comes in two versions:

Pretty Link Lite allows you to hide ugly affiliate links with URLs based on your own domain while Pretty Link Pro provides you with much more options and automation (e.g. automatically replace keywords in the post with pre-defined links, social sharing, Google analytics tracking, etc.).



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