WordPress Update Stalled. How to get out of maintenance mode?

Whenever you are updating the WordPress core, plugin or theme, WordPress will switch your website into the maintenance modeĀ which just tells the visitors that the website is “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.

Sometimes the update just gets stalled and the maintenance mode message will just stay. Wanna to get back your site instantly? Don’t worry, with the advanced architecture of WordPress, your contents are perfectly intact. There are two solutions:

  1. Do nothing. WordPress will actually time the update and in case it takes too long (over 5 minutes), WordPress will just stop the update and call it a failure. Your website will come back to live again.
  2. Go to the admin area of your web hosting account. Use the File Manager to get to the root directory of the WordPress, locate the file .maintenance and delete it. Your website will resume normal.



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