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How to Create A Website: Fast and Easy Guide Part 3

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install website software on the hostThis is the third part of the “How to Create A Website” guide. There are a lot of modern equipment to help you raise a winning dog (or just to make your life with the dog easier), like canned food, collars, carriers, toys, gates, grooming supplies, etc. It is no different for websites. In the old days, one will have to learn a number of alien languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, javascript, etc. to create a website. The good news is no more now! With the introduction of WordPress (the website software), you just need to know how to click buttons and type texts to create your own website.

The “How to Create A Website” guide you are reading is built on WordPress too.

 Steps to Install WordPress 

Installing WordPress Step 0 - Sign in

 This is the login screen to your web hosting account. Sign in using your account name and password.

Installing WordPress on Web Host Step 1: 1-click installation

 After the first login, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Browse the MOJO One-Click installs“.

Installing WordPress on Web Host Step 2: 1-click install WordPress

 Click on the WordPress icon to install the website software: WordPress

Installing WordPress on web host step 3: choose the location

 In this step, you are asked to choose the location of installation of the WordPress. You can choose between your domain name with the www or without the www. There is negligible difference between the two options (in fact visitors can visit your site with and without www). Just choose one which you like. At WP Learner, we choose the one without www.

Installing WordPress on web host step 4: overwrite files

 You might be asked to whether to overwrite existing files. If you are following the steps in this guide, just choose “Continue“. The files in question are placed by Bluehost as a placeholder there, nothing worth keeping.

Installing WordPress on web host step 5: confirm installation

 Remember to check the “Show advanced options” box here and save the admin username and admin password in a secure place. You can also change the website title and your email address there (these can be changed in a later step).

 Don’t worry if you forget the username and password. After successful installation, the system will tell you the username and password again. Or, you can just click the ‘forgot password’ link in WordPress and the instructions on resetting your password will be emailed to your email address specified above.

 Installing WordPress Video Tutorial 

If you learn better with video, do take a look at the following tutorial. As Bluehost has revamped its website design, the look and feel of the website in this video is different from the current design. Yet, the basic concept is the same.

 Bonus: How to Create Your Own Email? 

Another benefit of creating your own website on Bluehost is that you can get unlimited amount of email accounts with your domain name. We include this section in the “How to Create A Website” guide to help you make full use of your web host.

create an email account step 1

 After logging in the Bluehost admin interface (via the “Login” button on the upper right corner of Bluehost homepage), click the “Email” icon.

create an email account step 2

 Fill in the account name and password. The mailbox quota can be set at “Unlimited“. Then click the large green button “Create Account“.

 All the email accounts created are listed below.

create an email account step 3

 You can click the “More” link to either

  • Access Webmail – check your email online, just like  or
  • Configure Email Client – get the details on how to check your email in Outlook or Apple Mail, etc.

Isn’t that easy? Just 1 more step ahead:

go to step 4 of creating a website: adding contents and beautifying the website

You have completed Step 3 of the “How to Create A Website” guide, click above to go to the final step of creating a website: add your own contents and beautify the website

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photo of edward chungHow to Create A Website: Fast and Easy Guide is created by Edward Chung, PMP, a graphic designer turned full-stack web developer and project manager. Edward learnt how to create a website the hard way, spending hundreds of hours in learning programming languages before rolling out his first design portfolio website. Edward understands the pains and thus wrote this Fast and Easy Guide to help fellow wannabe website owners to create a website in an hour’s time. If you find this website helpful, please consider adding Edward to your Google+ circle  and following me on Twitter@edwardchungweb.
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